Why There Are So Few Successful People in the World: Talents Are Overrated

 Envision my unexpected when part of the way through an application for an author’s position, I was given an IQ test. Unbeknownst to me, their prerequisite was that hopefuls ought to score more than 132.

Considering I was not endeavoring to be a Mathematician, I neglected to see its significance. Be that as it may, being British, I had at no other time experienced an IQ test, so to clear something up about the inquiries, I finished it. They decided my score was 146 and I was offered the part.

I, be that as it may, declined. I felt embittered about working with individuals who might judge me exclusively on my logical aptitudes or MENSA prospects, rather than the quality of my experience or what I could offer. (They scarcely asked about my resume).

A standout amongst the most smart individuals I know has never been to college. I have met extraordinarily effective individuals who may not score as high on these IQ tests because of dyslexia. The fact of the matter is the greatest variable that decides achievement is resilience–not IQ.

A 30-year think about by the University of Pennsylvania 1 found that psychological control affected a kid’s prosperity than their IQ or riches.

IQ time after time can utilized as a bias. Besides, its maker in the mid 1900s, Alfred Binet, himself accentuated the restrictions of the test, expressing that mind was excessively wide, making it impossible to measure.

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We often overlook the numerous failures successful people have gone through

talented or having a high IQ does not guarantee success. There are
hoards of unsuccessful musicians, artists, actors, businessmen, etc. who
are more gifted than their peers who went on to achieve success. The
key to that success is resilience.
  • Bill Gates’ first company, Traf-O-Data was a failure. In fact, the product did not even work.
  • Stephen
    King’s first book was rejected thirty times. “Carrie” would go on to
    sell over 350 million copies and become a blockbuster film.
  • Oprah
    endured repeated se*ual abuse as a child and consequently ran away from
    home. At 14-years-old she gave birth to a baby who died not long after.
    Despite it all, she went on to win a full scholarship to college and is
    today, one of the wealthiest people in the world.

Research finds why some people with high IQs do not succeed at all

In the 1920s, a research 2
commenced with approximately 1,500 children who had an IQ of at least
140; the average IQ score of the participants was 150. They were
frequently monitored to see how high IQs impacted upon their lives.
A (the most successful) was compared to Group C (the least successful).
Despite sharing the same IQ, most individuals in Group C did not become
professionals and earned just a slightly above average wage. There were
also higher rates of alcoholism and divorce when compared to Group A.
in Group A had three key traits that Group C lacked: goal-orientation,
self-confidence, and perseverance. IQ or talent may play a role in
success, but resilience is far more important.

How to have more resilience and be a winner in life

Flexible thinking: Remember things change every second

something does not work in one way, there may be other ways that you
could explore. Perhaps it may involve approaching different people or
searching for an alternative route.
No record label wanted to sign Jay Z so in the end, he opted to create his own label and the rest is history.

Don’t take failure personally. No one remembers that actually.

is an important part of succeeding. It allows you to re-evaluate areas
of improvement. Embrace those moments and all that you can learn from
Sir James Dyson had 5,126 failures in his
endeavour to create the world’s first bagless hoover–the Dyson Vacuum
Cleaner. When he finally did, no distributor in the UK was interested.
He instead took it the Japanese market where it won an award. Despite
this, manufacturers still did not want to back him so he decided to
start his own company. Today, Dyson is a billion dollar business.

Don’t have time limits. Don’t restrict yourself.

people tend to put time constraints on themselves. The idea that you
should have achieved a certain thing before you are thirty, forty or
fifty simply creates unnecessary stress.
Sanders, the founder of KFC, came up with his recipe at the age of 50
and it wasn’t until he was 62 that he started to pitch his recipe to
restaurants. At 74, he was able to sell his franchise for 2 million

Practice mindfulness to offload your worries and anxiety

is the concept of being in the here and now. Most of the things that
you feel worried or anxious about exist only in the future. Those worse
case scenarios you envision may or may never happen. You are simply
depleting your energy unnecessarily.
focus on all that is happening right now. Maybe it is a nice day outside
and the sun is shining. Perhaps you may be seeing a good friend for
brunch. Or even that joy of working on something that you really believe
Resilience is being able to cope with
those obstacles that you will, no doubt, encounter along your path to
your dreams and ambitions. No one is immune to some form of hardship or
And most importantly, find moments that allow you to enjoy you. After all, you owe it to yourself. It’s a life term.

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