Why Do Men Cheat on Their Loved Ones and What They Actually Think

Presently, now, before you get all “lady cheat as well” and “this is a se*ist subject” on me, I should unveil the way that I concur with you. In any case, factually and verifiably, ladies have been posing the question, “why do men cheat?” since the start of the ages, clearly without much of any result.

Are men more inclined to swindle? All things considered, tragically, the appropriate response is yes. In any case, maybe we can attempt to better comprehend this event before we kill the male species for their weaknesses.

Measurably, men do cheat more than ladies. In any case, not the same number of men as you may think.

Everything comes down to the numbers. This entire theme is a hard pill to swallow, yet rest guaranteed, it really isn’t as awful as you may foresee. Presently this all separates to a matter of relativity, what do you consider bamboozling? On the off chance that you separate it on an absolutely physical and enthusiastic level (forgetting the large number of complexities that emerge from the web) the insights aren’t as awful as you may think!

As indicated by information gotten from the National Opinion Research Center, Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, Rutgers University, and a choice of other tenable sources, what we dreaded stays to be true;1 men do cheat more. In any case, not by much.

In the information allocated, it has been found that:

An incredibly low number of men in submitted connections confess to deceiving.

Just 21% confess to doing as such. Much lower than you thought, huh? Well you should consider this involves cooperative attitude. Most con artists will never confess to doing as such, and in the event that they do they’re either not perplexed of being gotten or have effectively educated their accomplices.

Most men would consider duping in the event that they imagined that they would not get got.

At 76% this rate is alarmingly high, however on the other hand we’re just considering the creative ability at work. The exemplary prosaism, “you can look, yet don’t touch” is the zenith of this point.

Duping does not generally come from undesirable connections.

56% of the men who confessed to conning additionally detailed being content in their present connections, and this was not a component for their choice to swindle.

Monogamy, are we as humans meant to stay with one mate for life?

to break it to some of you die-hard romantics, but most experts say no.
Only 3-5% of the remaining 5,000 mammals living on planet Earth
(including humans) spend the entirety of their lives with solely one
From an evolutionary perspective, men are more
likely to engage in what is known as extramarital se*, for the purpose
of “spreading their seed” and producing as much offspring as is
naturally possible. Our closest ancestors the primates practice this
form of mating, where the strongest male gets first choice of his supple
mates. This plays into the ideal that men tend to experience more
emotions of threatened territory or ego, rather than affection and
Expert Jane Lancaster, an
evolutionary anthropologist from the University of New Mexico believes
that the monogamous partnership between men and women is only for the
good of the offspring.
human species has evolved to make commitments between males and females
in regards to raising their offspring, so this is a bond. However that
bond can fit into all kinds of marriage patterns – polygyny, single
parenthood, monogamy.”

How do you know if your man is cheating?

are a few tell-tale signs to know if your man is sniffing around where
he shouldn’t be. I’ve got to tell you, if you’re having suspicions and
feel a need to dig; you’re probably right and need to realize you
deserve better. But these are a few sure-fire ways to know.
  • He won’t show you his phone. It’s
    not even that he doesn’t give you his password. It might just be an
    indication that he feels the need to lock it around you. And if he seems
    to get antsy if you hold it a bit too long while scrolling for
    pictures, then you know something’s up.
  • Sudden change in interest. It
    seems that out of nowhere he’s distracted, and is creating some
    distance between you. There’s a possibility someone else may have caught
    his attention. Go with your gut instinct, it’s usually right.
  • You catch him lying. About where he’s been or who he was with. Unless he’s planning a surprise party for you, he has no reason to be sneaky.
  • He accuses you. This behavior is definitely a red flag if it starts out of nowhere. People only suspect what they themselves would do.
  • He clears his browser history. There are many few good reasons to do this. Maybe he’s just into weird porn? But that just opens a whole other can of worms.
  • He’s glued to his phone. Or
    the internet in general. How can anything in the virtual world be at
    all interesting when his QUEEN is sitting just next to him?
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There is no good reason to cheat, but everyone has their reasons.

quick refresh: there’s an unsettling array of reasons why men go out
and cheat. And none of them are good reasons. But in the moment, they
may feel justifiable to the individual. Perhaps if we could gain a
better grasp on this fluke in human behavior, we can cope with it better
when it happens to us. So why do men cheat?

1. The Illusion of Variety

soon as you sign online you’re prompted with ads to “Meet Singles in
Your Area” or the newest dating app. Perhaps they’re a social media
guru, with hordes of literal followers worshiping their every move.
There is an abundance of supposed variety on the internet. Because of
this no man feels that he has to settle, and his next “Tinderella” is
about to slide in his DM’s.

2. He’s A Puddle of Insecurity

has something to prove. Mainly to himself. He doesn’t feel attractive.
Or perhaps he’s been out of the dating game so long he needs to feel
like “he’s still got it.”

3. Boredom

feels like he needs something more se*ually from his partner that
they’re just not capable of giving. Or perhaps the relationship has hit a
lull and the se* drive just isn’t kicking into gear. This is his way of
pulling away in hopes that it will spice things up again, even if it’s
only on his end.

4. Deviancy

people are just into weird things. However they came to acquire their
quirky little fetish, they may feel that it’s just too weird for their
partner. Instead of freaking them out, they act out their fantasies on
paid company, or someone easy who doesn’t mind turning up the intensity.

5. They’re a F*** Boy

my language, but it has to be said. This turn of phrase has become
alarmingly common in our hook up culture; and is somewhat encouraged. A
F*** Boy is someone who does not intend on committing, and relishes in
playing on people’s emotions to achieve se*ual gratification.
They typically have a rotation of se*ual partners, ranked in order of their appeal. These people are toxic. Stay away.

6. Immaturity

They have not yet reached a point where they prioritize honestly and loyalty. There’s a chance they never will.

7. Damaged

it is that hurt them, be it abuse during upbringing, or a bad
relationship experience, they numb the pain with se*ual gratification.
They will never allow themselves to fully trust another individual, and
therefore they cannot fully commit to them.

8. Skewed Concept of Love

have not yet deciphered the different between being infatuated and
being in-love. During the infatuation period everything the person does
and says is intoxicating, exciting, and romantic. After a while the
chemicals and hormones start to die down, and what you’re left with is
raw intimacy. Many can’t hack it when it gets real, so they look for the
idealistic romance elsewhere.

9. Addiction

actually suffer from addiction. Perhaps they cheat when they are under
the influence of their poison of choice, and quite literally cannot
control their actions. Or maybe they do have their addiction under
control, but use se* as a form of release. Se* itself can be an

10. He’s Leaving You

he’s not ready to leave yet, but he’s testing the waters; testing to
see what’s out there. Some men have a real issue with being alone, so
they like to have something on the back-burner to make the transition a
bit more smooth.

11. Revenge

mad at you for something, whatever it may be. And now you’re going to
pay. He’s rectifying the situation by throwing away his relationship.
Hey, whatever works.

Should you stay, or should you go?

do I even have to tell you? Dump him! I know, he’s damaged. I know, you
want to fix him. I know, no one understands how he acts when it’s just
you two alone. I’ve heard it all. I’ve said it all. But if you
absolutely insist on going through the motions and giving this scrub
another chance, here are a few suggestions:
  • Therapy. If
    you are absolutely, positively intent on saving this relationship, then
    this is your best bet. In this environment, you can have an expert
    mediate and interpret what you expose during your sessions and how it
    effects your relationship. If both participants are willing to work for
    it, the relationship can be saved.
  • Take a Break. Obviously
    he doesn’t appreciate what he has, so show him what he’s losing! Take a
    break to explore yourself, heal, discover your self-worth, and take a
    look around if you know what I mean. Once he realizes he can’t live
    without you he’ll come crawling right back. But the question is, will
    you want him?
  • Hall Pass. It’s
    only fair right? For the majority, this method probably won’t save your
    relationship. But for some it’s just the ticket! You deserve a free
    pass to even the scale.
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