This is How You Can Tell If A Woman Is Interested In You

Dating is hard, mostly because it’s confusing. Have you
ever been on a date where you thought things were going well, only to
find out she’s just…not that into you?

say you’re on a first date, having a great conversation, and you find
yourself immediately drawn to her. You might wonder if you should lean
in closer, make a move to kiss her, or flirt a bit more to see if she’s
into you. Or maybe you have a female friend you’re really attracted to,
and are wondering if you should take that risky step of seeing if she’s
interested in you, too.
There’s nothing easy about
putting your heart on the line. Rejection stings, especially when it
seems like you are connecting romantically. I get that you want a
guarantee that she’s interested before you make any advances, especially
if she’s a friend. But that’s not how attraction works.
don’t make assumptions about how she feels. 
Just because you’re
attracted and having a nice conversation doesn’t mean she’s open to your
advances! If she asks you questions and shows general interest, this
isn’t the same as attraction. It’s really important to pay attention to
the other signs. If she doesn’t show an active interest with body
language and flirting, trying to make a connection, she’s not interested
in you. Women seek an emotional connection first. If she’s just acting
nice, she’s not sending mixed signals, she’s telling you she’s not that
into you!
Women can be hard to read sometimes, but we do give signs when we’re interested in you.

She will look for ways to connect with you

a difference between asking general questions to be polite and being
genuinely curious. If a woman is interested, she will try to connect
with you emotionally. She’ll want to know how you feel about things, not
just your favorite movies and music. If she shares a personal story
with you, that’s her way of letting you know she’s interested.
starts with paying attention to the details – voice, gestures, eye
contact, and body language in general. If she’s attracted to you, this
is how she will communicate it – so take notice and reciprocate!

Laughs, listens and talks are fully present

good way to tell if she’s attracted and not just laughing at your jokes
out of kindness is whether or not she is distracted or fully present
and engaged. If she’s looking around the room, at her wine glass, or
commenting on her food, she’s not that interested. On the other hand, if
she’s asking a lot of questions, is fully engaged in conversation with
you, and even mimics your voice or gestures, she’s into you. Studies
have shown that when two people feel attraction, they tend to imitate
each other to show affection.

Texts or calls you back right away

sure sign she’s interested is if she is quick to respond to you, or if
she reaches out and initiates conversation. Most women who aren’t
interested let calls go to voicemail or take hours (or days) to respond
to texts. Also, if she flirts and tries to engage with you over text
(like pointing out something that reminded her of your date), rather
than just answering your questions with a single sentence or phrase,
this is another sign she’s interested in you.

Her body language says something too

a woman is attracted to you, she leans in to engage in conversation,
touches your arm, and has an open posture (arms to her sides and not
crossed in front of her). She will remove barriers, like a purse, phone
or a glass of wine from between you. This is a great way to tell if she
feels attraction – she wants to be physically closer.

You will be her only focus 

aren’t afraid to make eye contact when they feel attracted to a man. A
sure sign is if she lets her gaze linger on you, in which case she’s
showing you her cards. Instead of looking around for outside
distractions, she’s focused on you.

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Updated: September 9, 2017 — 10:39 pm

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