If You Can Give Me Only One Tip to Improve My Life, What Would It Be?

you ever noticed how many books exist in the “Self-help” aisle of any
given bookstore? There are hundreds upon hundreds. There are so many
tips to improve your life if you search, but it can be challenging to
find a focus, especially if you read a lot without truly adapting any
tips or taking action. One individual felt overwhelmed and asked via
Quora, “If you could give me one tip to improve my life, what would it
be?” We’ve chosen the best answers that received the most upvotes 1.

Keep your promises (including those made to yourself)

This doesn’t just apply to the promises you make to other people, but the promises you make to yourself.
nearly any film you watch, one of the characters is going to make a
promise. Whether or not he keeps that promise will determine the entire
plot for the remainder of the film. While most movies are fictional,
like Harry Potter promising to find all the horcruxes and kill
Voldemort, the kept promises still stick with us in reality. So imagine
how impactful it would be if you began keeping all your promises 2.
doesn’t matter whether the story is big or small, long or short, funny
or sad. It doesn’t matter how the challenge surfaces and who’s fighting
for what. At some point, someone always says to themselves:

Realize that everything is temporary

answer got 19k upvotes. The parable that exists as the root of this
answer revolves around a king asking his subjects for a way to make
himself happy when he’s sad and sad when he’s happy. After much thought
and consideration, the conclusion they came to was this: Remember that
this too shall pass.
quote teaches you to enjoy the moment. You may be at the happiest point
in your life, but that happiness isn’t permanent, so you should enjoy
it while it lasts. But, if you feel miserable, the quote shows you that
your sadness isn’t indefinite. Soon you’ll be back to normal.”
you’re in a difficult situation, it helps to remember it’s temporary;
it won’t be difficult forever. Likewise, when you’re in a happy
situation, it can be important to realize the same thing in order to
avoid taking anything for granted. Enjoy the good times while they’re
good, and remember good times will come when the situation seems bleak.

Simply run. You’ll learn to persist

teaches you to persist, even if your body wants to stop. It helps you
learn to focus on a singular goal and not stop until you get there.
You’ll feel more confident and strong 4.
It can also provide the perfect excuse to listen to a podcast or even
that new album you’ve been meaning to check out. Bette says, “You will
also be able to learn things because podcasts and books are some of the
best things to listen to while you are on a long run.”
Running Guide for Beginners

Give 100% (even if you may not want to)

life, there are going to be times when we don’t want to give it our
all. It could be situational, or we could just be having an off day. But
it could be that the thing we’re doing is emotionally or physically
challenging. In this moments, giving a half-hearted effort could seem
like a solution, but that’s just not the case. No one ever shares a
success story by starting with, “It all began when I was giving about
50% of an effort…” 5.
Will Smith knows the power of trying hard. In fact, he once said, “If
it was something that I really committed myself to, I don’t think
there’s anything that could stop me becoming President of the United
The Price of Success is Hard Work

Work smarter, not harder

Lincoln once said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will
spend the first four sharpening the axe.” Most people would use all six
hours to do the actual cutting, but planning for a task and sharpening
skills can help you accomplish a task in much less time 6.
Don’t Work Harder; Work Smarter with These 12 Tips

Live in reality, not a social media feed

have all been guilty of it: scrolling endlessly through a social media
newsfeed, even when someone is speaking to us. It can keep you up at
night and make you super anti-social despite how much you feel that
you’re interacting with other.
When you scroll
endlessly on social media platforms, you’re wasting your time and
becoming a little addicted to your smart device. 
When you spend a
majority of your day flirting with girls you’ve never actually met, you
could be doing something productive instead. But here’s the thing: deep
down, you already know what’s good for you. So listen to yourself! It’s
like Verma says, “Stop asking others [what’s good for you], analyze
yourself, and start implementing those things in your life which you
already know that are good for you(but haven’t tried to implement yet)
and eventually you will get the solution to most of the problems in your
life.” 7
How Not to Let Smartphones Make Us Dumber but Smarter

what do all of these tips have in common? It comes down to living in
the present, taking care of yourself and remembering you are greater
than any hardship. You have the power to change things, including your
life, and the only thing holding you back is you. Imagine what a few
simple changes could lead to in the long-term. So what are you waiting
for? Start changing your life for the better today.

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