How to Lose Belly Fat: From a Big Belly to Sixpack

Everyone has body fat. Ignore the fitness magazine headline of the ripped guy saying how he literally has no fat on his body.

Fat is necessary. It is the best fuel storage for your body as it’s
providing him a lot of energy. Fat tissue is your body’s way of storing
Back in our hunter and gatherer times this
was crucial. One could not buy foods as easily as we buy them today. In
prehistoric times we had to go days and maybe even weeks without food.
The accumulation of fat cells was crucial in that day and age.
cells used to be our friends, now we like to call them our worst enemy.
What used to be so beneficial in the past is now deeply annoying. But
that fat storage, especially around your waist — belly fat, can not only
be annoying, but also be dangerously life threatening.

Not All Body Fat Is Created Equal

grandfather used to have a really big and hard belly. He had such a
huge belly that he would be able to drive his Mercedes with his tummy
only. Just hilarious when you think about it.
grandpa was not storing his body fat at the right point. In fact, the
belly fat turned out to be life threatening. My grandfather suffered
from lung cancer just some years later, but which he has thankfully
beaten by now. He developed dangerous fat around his organs, which can
be really, really dangerous.
We have to make an important difference when it comes to body fat:

Visceral Fat: the fat that is stored around your organs.

is the fat my grandfather possessed in excess. Fat around your organs
can be potentially life threatening. It reduces the blood flow to these
important tissues and can impair organ function. It’s very stressful for
your body. You’ve got a lot of visceral fat on your belly if it’s hard
and constantly looks like the belly has swollen up. The typical beer
belly is a product of fat build up around your organs.

Subcutaneous Fat: the fat that most people possess.

of laying around your organs, this fat is directly under your skin. You
can pinch it with your fingers. This fat is less life threatening, but
it can also drastically impair your confidence, athletic ability and
your self-image. Subcutaneous fat can also be found around your hips,
where it is called cellulite.
Although visceral fat
is the more dangerous one, both of these fat cells should be avoided to
have in excess. They both can increase the fat content in your blood. As
fat levels rise, the ability of your body to clear sugar from the blood
drops due to insulin resistance. This can lead to type 2 diabetes in
the long-term.

How I’ve Lost My Fat

I didn’t always have a sixpack. Belly fat was something that was nearly impossible to lose for me.
remember talking with a friend that had great abs since he was born. I
asked him for advice. He told me that I should find ways to cope with my
current situation, as having a sixpack is purely genetical. Not the
motivation I had hoped for.
I can tell you with confidence that he was wrong. I currently have a
sixpack and am extremely proud of it. It shows me that everything is
possible if you put in the work.

What needs to be
done to lose your belly fat is often just a mindset shift. Most people
know that they’re eating the wrong foods. You already know that daily
exercise is crucial for losing your belly fat.  What people often lack
is the mental state and the willingness to actually put in the work.

Increase Your Discipline, Motivation And Drive

How do you increase your discipline, motivation and drive? I suggest you doing three things:

1. Exercise

don’t recommend you exercising for burning excess calories only. Yes,
there is some of that, but exercise can also dramatically influence your
Physical activity gives you the feeling of
control over your life. It gives you better self-awareness and control,
it betters your thinking and increases your happiness. The mental state
of mind that you need when you’re trying to lose your belly fat.

2. Practice Mindfulness

Meditate daily. Doesn’t have to be too long. As simple as two minutes of focusing on your breath is totally enough.
helps you improve your thoughts. Thoughts turn into desire and desire
turns into actions. By controlling your thoughts you’re less likely to
indulge in foods that you know are not good for you. My binge eating
habit nearly disappeared after practicing mindfulness on a daily basis.

3. Improve Yourself Every Day

as Warren Buffett said: You have to develop the habits of success.
Realize that your life is constantly under construction. You were not
born perfect and neither was I. Try to constantly change your life for
the better. This way you will find new ways to better your health and
loose the excess fat on your tummy.

Start Losing Your Belly Fat

immediate action. The previous list may seem long and tedious, but
don’t get discouraged.  Start small.  Small changes add up over the
Ask yourself: Have you washed your dishes
today? If not, stop reading this article right now and wash your
dishes. Don’t search for excuses, simply do it right now. Once you’ve
washed your dishes, ask yourself: Have I made my bed this morning? No?
Immediately start making your bed.
These habits may seem insignificant to you, but trust me, they will help you get momentum in your life.
There are two options: 
Either you control your mind, or your mind controls you.
To watch a video on how to better control your mind and become limitless, while losing your belly fat of course, click here

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Updated: September 9, 2017 — 11:02 pm

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