How To Get US Number In Nigeria

If you have been looking for how to get US phone number here in Nigeria for calls, SMS and verification, the solution is here at last. All you need to do is to relax and watch as I take you through this post.

Due to the fact that US consumers prefer to shop with retailers who have their business locations within the US, many global businesses struggle to break into the American market.

Unfortunately, the high cost of establishing a store location overseas makes starting US customer relations through the international store front impossible for many growing businesses.

However, no matter where in the world your business is situated in this present day, you can activate a US phone number that gives your company a US presence without involving international rearrangement.

After you have activated a US phone number, you will receive a phone system management package that gives you access to free Hosted PBX features.

Steps You Can Take to Get US Number in Nigeria

The following steps are what you can take to get a US Phone Number in Nigeria:

1. Log on to

2. Sign up for a free account with the website and click “continue” after filling up the sign up form.

You will need to verify your email address with a confirmation mail that CallCentric will send to you.

4. To verify, log on to your email account and locate the verification mail sent to you from CallCentric.

5. You will need to provide your city and country code once you’ve verified the email address.

6. There’s an “I agree to the terms and conditions” box you will need to tick, and then click “Sign me up”.

7. Skip any virtual tour that CallCentric will provide for you and go ahead to choose “Go to My CallCentric”.

The next screen will list your CallCentric # in the format “1777**”. Copy the number to the clipboard so you can make use of it next time.

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Open on a new browser tab.

10. Choose SIP as the type of account and paste the CallCentric # from the clipboard into the field that states “SIP Username”.

11. You may decide to choose a different area code from the drop-down menu instead of the default one for your local US phone number which is 253.

12. Set this “” as the host name, and choose.

14. 3. The email should be set as the same email address and password you used while setting up your CallCentric account.

15. An email that bears your new local phone number will be sent to you from Keep the email safe because you will need it when you want to configure the SIP client.

16. For your new number to work, you need to activate it by downloading and installing “Express Talk” on your computer using the trial version. Ensure you don’t install any of the optional components such as toolbars, etc. during the set up.

17. During the installation, select the default options for all the wizard screens.

18. Choose “Yes, I already have an SIP account” when you are on “SIP Setup”, and click “Next”.

19. Then, the same way you did on ipkall website, fill in the SIP details.

20. Finish the setup and you can choose to close your browser tabs.

You can start giving your US number to people.

How to Get US Number in Nigeria Using Text No

1. TextNow is another system you can use to get US phone number free. Sending text messages to any phone number in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and 100 countries in the world is free using TextNow.

2. You can use TextNow to make free calls to US numbers, and also receive calls from anywhere in the world all for free. TextNow can be used to makes calls, receive calls, text and receive messages, and also to verify Foreign Paypal account here in Nigeria.

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3. TextNow is only for those living in the United States, Canada and Mexico, but there is a way you can use it in restricted countries such as Nigeria.

4. You can make use of TextNow by changing the I.P. of your device (phone or computer). You need to use any VPN with a steady US I.P. address before it can work.

5. To get a free US phone number in Nigeria via TextNow, ensure your VPN is on, and make sure you use only US server address. To confirm your IP location, use

Step By Step Process

 Below is a step by step process you can take to get US phone number in Nigeria via TextNow:

1. Visit and click on the “Sign Up” link.

2. Fill in your detail and click on “Sign Up” button.

3. You will be required to “Enter Your Area Code” in the next page.

4. Simply log on to to choose your preferred Area Code.

5. Put in your Area Code and hit “Continue” button.

Select your preferred US phone number and click on “Continue”. Your US phone number will be ready in just seconds. You don’t need to travel out of Nigeria before you can have your US phone number: it is available to you anywhere you are in Nigeria.

You need to download TextNow mobile app —- which is available for Android OS for calls and messages —- in order to get more convenience using TextNow.

You can make calls, receive calls, send messages and receive messages with TextNow mobile app.

When you get to websites that don’t accept Nigerians to chat or call foreign friends, you can use TextNow for verification.

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TextNow is available in Google Play Store, but non-US residents find it hard to download the app there even with VPN.

Steps You Can Take to Download TextNow APK Version

1. Copy the Play Store link of TextNow

2. Visit

3. Click on APK Downloader button and you will be redirected to another site.

4. Paste the link of TextNow APK you copied in step one into the space provided for it, and click on the Green Download Link button on the next screen to download TextNow APK to your smartphone.

5. Connect your VPN Android version after you have installed TextNow APK on your Android device, and fire up the TextNow app to get started.

6. You must stay online to be able to receive calls with TextNow free version, and you can view your calls and SMS message history at the dashboard of your TextNow. Make sure you are logged into your account for you to use the full service.

7. TextNow has a premium package for those who need the complete service. It is not obligatory to upgrade to premium, but it will serve better to be a paid member.

8. The TextNow monthly fee is $2.99, while the annual fee amounts to $29.99. Always make sure to use a US IP address while accessing your TextNow account.


 You have seen how possible it is to own a US phone number right here in Nigeria. You don’t need to travel to the United States for any reason: everything will be within your reach here in Nigeria.

There is no need to panic any more for not having US number. The information in this post will help you if you start applying what you have learned immediately.

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