Doing These 6 Things Can Make Your Man Love You More Every Day

You can’t ever truly “make” a man love you all the more, yet you can surely do or not do a couple to keep him glad as anyone might imagine. As a lady, we generally need the men in our lives to love and welcome us for precisely our identity regardless of our imperfections and at times insane ways. Remember that men are a similar way. 

They simply need to be adored and acknowledged for precisely their identity. I set up this article together to give you a little knowledge with reference to what I mean.

1. Try not to attempt to change him.

As disappointing as it now and again can be, you and I both know we can’t generally change a man. We can request changes, however they will just truly change in the event that they need to roll out an improvement. 

A man really acknowledges a lady when he feels that she truly acknowledges him for his identity. There is such a great amount of energy behind a lady who moves her man to improve as a rendition of himself without making him feel that he needs to change.

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2. He doesn’t need to like the same things you do.

two of you aren’t going to always enjoy doing the same things. He may
like paintballing with the guys, which let’s be honest, you’d probably
never do. And then you enjoy painting classes, which is something that
pains him to even think about doing. You should never make him feel
guilty for not enjoying the same things you like. Just because he
doesn’t want to engage in your hobbies and interests doesn’t mean he
lacks love and respect for you.

3. Don’t ask him to give up his passions.

usually have something that they have a passion for. For example, they
may love taking apart and building cars. It may be part of their
identity and without it, they feel lost. Never ask the man you love to
give something like that up or make him feel guilty for it so he spends
more time with you. You’re all smart women, and you know by doing this
it will only make him miserable. Here is the reassurance you all need
sometimes- he still loves you more than you realize.

4. Don’t make him feel obligated to take care of you.

Of course you want a
man who is going to make you a priority, keep you safe, and take care
of you. We all want that. Sometimes we fall into this pattern of
thinking where we demand our men to cater to our every single need. It
may sound a little harsh, but he is not obligated to look after you; he
can only choose to.

5. Don’t expect him to not take notice of other women.

can’t expect him to not look at another beautiful woman, just like you
and I can’t ignore when we see a really good looking guy. It is human
nature to appreciate other attractive people. I’m not talking about
allowing him to openly flirt with others in front of you because that is
disrespectful. Try to understand that this is normal and accept it as
calmly as you can.

6. Trust him.

We are
pretty intuitive creatures and we know when something just isn’t right.
However, sometimes we can be a little crazy and make up scenarios in our
head off of something as small as an innocent text message from a
female co-worker. What quality of a relationship do you really have if
you don’t have a solid foundation of trust to build off of? If you can’t
trust him, you will never feel secure.
Do your best
to not overreact. If he hasn’t given you a reason to not trust him, you
have to pull it together and get those thoughts out of your head. 
to compromise. Having mutual respect, empathy, and patience are very
important to ensure peace and harmony in your relationship.
in a relationship is hard work. 
It can be exhausting and frustrating.
But when you love him, you know you’d walk across the earth for him.
Keep these things in mind to consistently keep happiness and stability
in your relationship. And as much as you may sometimes want to strangle
him, he loves you.

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Updated: September 9, 2017 — 11:35 pm

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