Do All Men Cheat and Why Do They Cheat on Their Loved One?

Each man cheats. This is by all accounts the basic presumption in our psyches, particularly women. Men are not dependable, they are effectively enticed, and they have duty issues.

Say your better half regularly gets back home late and clarifies as “I need to work”, or you get your sweetheart taking a gander at some other young lady’s profiles, do you connect these activities with tricking?

Yes, men do cheat yet not every one of them. (Furthermore, ladies do cheat as well) And it’s not generally on the grounds that they don’t love their noteworthy others any longer. So why do folks swindle? There are more reasons regarding why they undermine their cherished once.

The reasons why men cheat may come as a surprise.

 Before I explain anything, you must understand
that relationships and emotional feelings are psychological drives.
There’s a constant vibration of hormones or chemical substances within
the body when the opposite s*x is close by, and often it is unfortunate
that women around men isn’t their loved ones. However, this doesn’t stop
those chemical vibrations within the body. So what happens next? They
are tempted. And of course, they may cheat if tempted beyond their
While today’s research confirms
an estimate of 25-75% of married men cheating on their loved ones, it
reveals that not all men cheat. It also exposes hidden facts about the
reasons why men engage in this act of infidelity. Most of these reasons
may shock you and here are some psychological evidences to explain the
reasons you thought why men cheat.

1. Some men actually cheat to save their marriages.

people believes most cheating men are unhappy with their marriages, but
this is just a myth. A study by Rutgers University reveals almost 56%
of cheating men claims to be happy with their marriages, and in fact,
they aren’t looking for a way to opt out of it or will they allow
anything to threaten their marriages.
Because most
men have challenges solving their relationship problems, they believe
another woman may just satisfy their thirst for se*ual urge so they go
for it. They feel they can live happily with their wives, without
longing for anything that displeases her; but they simply leave the real
issue unaddressed.

2. They lack discipline but they still love their wives.

may be wrong if you believe men cheats because they don’t love their
wives. Cheating has nothing to do with love. In fact, it has everything
to do with discipline. It’s not love that stimulates hormonal vibrations
within the body, but sight and touch do. It takes discipline and
self-control for a man to overcome the alluring beauty, soft touch and
romantic voice of his colleague or female friend. These, of course, must
initiate the chemical substances within his body and makes him want to
make advancements just to calm this urge down.

3. Most of them cheat because they are se*ually active.

believe you understand what I mean. A common infidelity incidence with
my age-long friend Amanda reveals that se*ually active men who gains
praises from their wives for their se*ual strength believes as long as
they can satisfy their wives and act normal at home, it doesn’t matter
if they cheat, and of course, it won’t cause a problem with their
marriages either.
“Despite all the information
about his cheating habit, I was waiting for a time he’ll tell me he
can’t have a time with me or he is too tired to make love to me to
confirm he was actually cheating, but that time was forever,” said
Amanda. If you’re actually waiting for him to show you the signs like
Amanda, unfortunately, you may just wait forever.

4. They don’t want to be over-demanding for s*x.

once told me, “Lily, sometimes I don’t just want my wife to think I’m
overly demanding for s*x, so I take a chance out.” But what Tonny never
told me is if his wife actually complained about his s*x habits. That’s
what I guessed though!
Most men don’t want their
wives to find out their weaknesses and use against them. They cheat
because they want to avoid being helpless when their wives takes
advantage of their weaknesses.

5. Being overly confident of a relationship can lead to cheating too.

you ever said to someone you won’t leave them no matter what? So what
happened next? I guess he was the one who cheated on you?
was a childhood friend who I spent most of my times with until after
our college years. I said secret prayers everyday for God to give him
the courage to walk up to me and say these three golden words — I love you.
Have you had such feelings before? Have you been so tempted as a woman
to the point where the only thing stopping you from taking the
initiative to confess your love for him is just your feminine ego? Yes,
that was me.
You can imagine the joy when he finally walked up to me and said secretly…Lily, I love you.
I felt butterflies hovering all over the inside of me and I could not
hold my confession back. The feelings were so strong that I couldn’t
think of a future without Jim. But my over-confidence made him took away
the love I prayed secretly for. Even when I caught him cheating, it
took him a long time to apologize because he felt I can’t do anything. I
waited for him…I was waiting just for his apologies and rushing back
into his arms.
But it was too late, we both lost the love we nursed from childhood because of our over-confidence.
When you
look at infidelity, it’s a serious problem that can tear beautiful
relationships apart in just a moment, and once this betrayal of trust is
noticed, it could hardly be built back. So, it is very important to
know when a man is cheating on you.

So, how can I spot a cheating man?

Understand the cheating phenomenon
need to understand showers of love and cheers don’t mean he isn’t a
cheat. When men cheat, it doesn’t mean they don’t love you. They simply
lack self-discipline or control.
Stop looking for signs or waiting for his misbehavior
cheating men aren’t spotted because what we believe as the reasons for
cheating are just myths. One of the surest ways to save your marriage is
to understand the cheating phenomenon. The subject of cheating is to be
studied and understood and not merely looking for signs or misbehavior.
One major problem with spotting cheating men is, “you can hardly get
them when they already know you’re looking for misbehavior and or faulty
signs because they are smart”.

But, what can I do about this?

You must first change the mindset that a cheating man doesn’t love you.
he does really and truly love you. Learn to understand the psychology
of cheating and endeavors to play your role as a woman to both being
friendly and accommodating.
Take responsibility for your contributions in his cheating habit fast and make things right.
one is beyond redemption especially if you love them so, you must learn
to forgive when they sincerely apologize for their misdeeds.
Expect him to change but not so fast.
will not become a saint at dawn and along the way you have a big role
to play in rehabilitating him but keeping your eyes open for changes
along the process.
Finally, know when to walk away.

If he doesn’t change after all your efforts, understand it’s time to move on because you deserve to be happy and loved.

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Updated: September 9, 2017 — 11:36 pm

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