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7 Signs Of Thyroid Problems

When your thyroid malfunctions, every cell in your body suffers. And even though at least half of all Americans have thyroid problems, and these issues may be a primary cause of heart disease, most doctors can’t even recognize them. Want to know why the diagnosis of low-thyroid state is so commonly missed? Well, in part, […]

Why More Women are Getting a Double Mastectomy

There are likely several reasons for what experts are calling a ‘surge’ in women undergoing contralateral prophylactic mastectomy, as explained by doctors. Recent research has shown that despite more having more treatment options, women with cancer in one chest are increasingly choosing to remove both br**sts even though experts in the field say the procedure […]

The Effect of Taking Paracetamol

Nigerians have been given a stern warning against taking an overdose of paracetamol which has become a trend among people. Dr Arikawe Adeolu, a medical practitioner at the Federal Medical Centre, Jabi, Abuja, has warned that an overdose of paracetamol drug could cause liver failure within 24 hours. Adeolu gave the warning in an interview […]

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