5 useful tips to be a good housewife in Nigeria

Although women in Africa (not every clime though) now have the liberty to work like men, there is still a good number that don’t.

This set stay at home, constituting the meaning of the word, housewife. It is self-explanatory. I presume nobody needs further clarifications.

Now, I like to see being a housewife as a job on its own because, like it or not, there are expectations to be met for anyone holding that post.

Those who do not manage it well or fail woefully on the assignments accrued to the position run the risk of getting sanctioned, or in a worse case scenario, suspended or excommunicated.

From the foregoing, it is obvious that this is a very serious issue, one that should not be handled with kid gloves. The information in this article prescribes some of the the things housewives need to do to ensure that they do not just get appreciated for good performance but also rewarded.

How to be a Good Housewife

1. Cook delicacies: Indisputably, the the access to a man’s heart is through his stomach, hence, any housewife who wants continued access should be prepared to continuously prepare sumptuous meals.

Not only are the meals expected to be tasty, they should also be Nigerian traditional dishes that your husband loves to eat. Imagine a man coming back home only to be greeted with a Toast Bread and Golden Morn dinner, or a pre-ordered take-away plate of rice, it will not go down well.

This is a man who has been working all day, who probably had junks for brunch, it just won’t work. What he needs is a balanced and tasty meal prepared by his wife. I don’t think it is too much to ask especially when you have the resources to make it happen, and you had all day too.

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2. Welcome him home: After a long stressful day, your husband is looking forward to seeing and having you welcome him with a kiss or a hug or both. And when he gets home to find no one but the house waiting for him, how do you think he would feel?

You are not there to ask about his day, to prepare his bath, to serve dinner, but you are there when it is almost time for bed; that is serious. Unless there is a pretty reasonable explanation for this, you may have just opened Pandora’s box. So try as much as possible to be there when he gets home.

Let him feel at home in your arms and feel free to share his experiences with you. Note that his experiences are important to you and to him – he needs to share and you need to listen – that way your oneness is not in dispute.

3. Do his laundry: Go ahead if he has no qualms with it, because I know there are some men who would rather send it to the laundry than have you do the washing. If yours doesn’t then take it upon yourself to step in and take charge.

Whether you have to do it manually or automatically (with a washing machine), do it with love. If after 5 days of work, he still does his laundry during the weekends, if I was him I would wonder why you didn’t do them, and what was more important to do.

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Don’t add to his stress by neglecting this aspect of your duties. You are supposed to make his life easier not harder than it already is.

4. Tidy the house: Except you have a housekeeper, this is also your duty. Personally, I see no logical reason to even pay a domestic to try and do what a married woman will or is meant to try and do.Well, it will be allowed throughout physiological state or when any other constraints come up. Asides that, let cleaning the house be a daily and dedicated routine for you. Coming home to a dirty and unkempt house can further disorganize a person coming from work.

He may not tell you but that doesn’t mean he is not bothered. In fact, he would become cautious to the point of calling you first to know if the house is clean whenever he has a guest. And that should not be.

5. Be in the mood: Yes, always be in the mood, except it is that time of the month. Perhaps the only person permitted to not always be in the mood is your husband because of the stress from work.

But whenever he is, you should be too. So be receptive. Studies have shown that one of the main reasons men cheat is because of constant denial of their basic sexual needs. Don’t lead him on to look elsewhere, let his desire be met by reception. Be in the mood.

All of these put together and some other basic but not insignificant actions, make you a good housewife. Go ahead and make your house a home today!

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