5 tips to make your clothes last longer

5 tips to make your clothes last longer

Whoever buys a new piece of clothing certainly expects it to be used more than once. Otherwise, buying, regardless of the cost, would not be worth it.

And although there are different types of fabrics, pieces of more or less quality, the truth is that daily care with clothes makes all the difference in the durability. For example, if you wash very often, and even in the washing machine, a delicate tank top, the trend is that it will last for very few days.

So if you expect your clothes to last longer, look out for the tips below, from the time of purchase to the act of storing the pieces properly.

1. Read the label and evaluate your purchase

If the idea is to acquire parts with good durability, “impulse buy” does not have time! It is important to know exactly what you are buying and what special types of care the piece may require. Of course, she can, for example, be overdelicated, but even so, you “take the risk” and want to take her home. But the point is to be aware of this!

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The composition of a piece weighs a lot in its durability: fabrics containing more natural fibers, such as cotton, linen and silk, usually have greater durability.

While synthetic compositions tend to create polka dots, fade, wrap or wrinkle more easily. White or other light colored parts tend to require more washing, while darker or embossed tiles are more resistant to visible dirt.

And, within the idea of ​​conscious buying, it is essential to read the parts label. So you do not have any surprises when it comes to washing them.

2. Follow the instructions

It’s no use reading the part label at the time of purchase and then never seeing it again! You have to follow the washing instructions and temperature to pass, which are contained in the label.

Therefore, those who have the habit of cutting the labels must, first, make sure of all the care that a piece requires.

3. Keep Clothing Properly

It is essential to keep clothes properly in the closet: stretch pieces – such as knitwear, lurex and knitwear – should be folded, while flat fabric items such as tricoline and silk can be placed on hangers.

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4. Remove stains as soon as possible

Never store stained and or dirt-containing parts for long periods: stains can become permanent and dirt tends to attract moths or yellow in time. The ideal is to remove the stains as soon as they happen and keep the pieces always very clean and in dry places, sheltered from the light.

Some product guidelines appropriate to remove stains: red wine comes out well with white wine; lipstick comes out well with toothpaste .

5. Do not wash as often

Do you have a habit of using a piece and then putting it to wash? This is not the most indicated.

Parts that have not been in direct contact with the skin or that have been used for a short time can be hung on hangers or hangers to ventilate, to be reused once or twice before washing.

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Updated: November 22, 2017 — 10:34 pm

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