How to Find Love That Really Lasts

Being single and attempting to discover genuine romance that endures is as yet one of the greatest battles such a variety of individuals are confronting today, regardless of how fruitful they might be in different parts of their lives. In spite of the fact that it might appear that you are forlorn in your battle, remember that 44% of grown-up American populace is single, 40 million of which are effectively hunting down adoration by means of web based dating administrations.

The explanations behind being single fluctuate from individual to individual…

You may have been single for some time

It's either on the grounds that you didn't have sufficient energy to devote to dating and genuinely becoming acquainted with somebody, or you essentially couldn't discover the accomplice that suits your requirements. In any case, a specific measure of time has passed by, making it harder for you to get back in the amusement and begin without any preparation.

You may have experienced heaps of heartbreaks previously

It is normal that individuals who have been through some negative past encounters will feel indeterminate and frightful once they are confronted with comparative circumstances.

Regardless of how hard it appears, or what our past encounters might be, for the vast majority love is justified regardless of the hunt and the battle. You are one of them since you are perusing this article. You are the individual on account of a reasonable objective – you need the affection that brings joy, love that is valid, genuine and that keeps going.

Be that as it may, recognizing what you need doesn't generally bring about getting it. Any individual who has ever been single realizes that finding the affection you need can be very testing.

The main question that rings a bell is – How can one approach discovering love really? At that point, you may inquire as to whether you were even expected to search for affection. Isn't it a unique little something that simply happens or doesn't, you may inquire.

At that point, regardless of the possibility that you meet somebody, how would you truly become more acquainted with a man? Or, then again, you may have an issue distinguishing the correct individual for you. What's more, at long last, how would you abstain from settling on similar decisions and missteps?

How to find true love

At least from my experience, and from the experiences of people around me, love does not come when we look for it, nor when we pressure it into being. On the contrary, true love that lasts comes when you stop looking for it outside of yourself. Rather than looking for the love in the people we meet, and blaming them for not doing so, we need to shift the focus onto ourselves instead.

1. Work on yourself
As the commonly known attraction principle states – we attract who we are. Therefore, if you are a person who is looking for others to provide them with the love they lack for themselves, chances are you are going to meet exactly those kind of people, who also look for someone to fulfill that gap for them. You know the rest of this story.

On the other hand, think of the people you know, I’m sure we all have at least one or two friends, or relatives, who simply find love whenever they want to. Great chances are that all of those people have one common denominator – they love themselves. To love yourself means to accept who you are, not care what anyone else thinks of you; to do what you love the most, and to be completely content with yourself.

Then, the message you are sending out tells of a person who is easily lovable and doesn’t feel needy of other people’s attention. And, that is exactly why love and attention are what they are most commonly getting.

2. Don’t rush
You can’t hurry love, indeed. If you are tired of waiting for the one, you can easily get into the trap of rushing into a relationship with the first person that seems nice enough without even taking the time to truly get to know the person. By rushing things we are more likely to sacrifice ourselves. This usually leaves a bitter taste in your mouth after you get some time to rationally think about everything.

3. Reach out to meet new people
In order to break all negative or ineffective past programs, we have to step out into the world in a different way. Since chances of meeting the relationship material at a bar are 9% for women and 2% for men, why not trying some other activities where you can meet some interesting people, and maybe a future love interest.

If you have a dog, dog parks are a great place for both you and your furry friend to meet some like-minded people.
Another great way to meet new people is through everyone’s favorite topic – food. Depending on the type of food you like, you can find many great cooking classes, try pop-up dining, or any other type of food inspired gathering where you can meet and chat with people who share your taste.

With numerous dating websites and apps being developed recently, online dating has become mainstream in the last couple of years. Even though online dating has many pros and cons, you can benefit from it if you combine it with the real life experience wisely. Make sure to use the dating apps just as means for getting into contact with people and getting to know them a little before you meet them in the real world where you may consider dating.

4. Don’t always trust the love at first sight
One of the common misconceptions about love that is meant to last is that there has to be an instant attraction between two people. In reality, physical attraction can be an important factor, yet it could also be completely misleading and short lived. This is why relationships between people who were friends first, are usually strong, healthy and lasting.

5. Don’t settle for an OK relationship
Ultimately, we can all feel what constitutes the right relationship for us, no matter how many disappointments it took to get us there. Therefore, we owe it to ourselves to not settle for anything less than that. Accepting an OK relationship out of fear of being alone robs us of our precious time we could spend focusing on ourselves and meeting the person who is just right for us.
This doesn’t mean that true and lasting love is perfect, there is no one with whom we are the absolute perfect match with, yet it takes less effort to work on a relationship once we meet someone we share the same goals with.

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