Boredom Can Make You More Productive Only When You Learn These 8 Tricks

Picture this:

You're exhausted at work, nearly in tears in light of the fact that the assignments on your schedule appear to be so tedious and dull. Your mind begins to meander and you ask yourself, "Is this what I ought to do with my life?" It's as though your cerebrum is attempting to search for whatever else to do to dodge the job that needs to be done. You check you telephone, you go via web-based networking media, you may even make a paper plane – anything to make the inclination stop! Sound well-known? You are not the only one!

Be that as it may, imagine a scenario in which we could utilize our weariness to really help us turn out to be more profitable.

It may appear to be outlandish at first. Fatigue is the inclination that you get when you feel separated and not able to center. In many cases we feel uncertain of what we can even do to make the inclination leave. We can encounter distinctive sorts of fatigue contingent upon the circumstance, which can originate from sentiments of fretfulness, lack of care, or even animosity. In case we're exhausted, it doesn't really imply that we haven't made a move. We may sit in front of the TV, eat a nibble, or surf the web to hang loose.

Profitability, then again, is the capacity to make concentrated move and feel a feeling of advance in view of your endeavors. It's about completing things that give you a feeling of pride or achievement. You may have looked through 100 reports on Facebook, however does that make you beneficial? More probable, it implies that you are exhausted! All practices are not made equivalent. To be gainful, you need to discover an incentive in your activity.

8 approaches to change your weariness into an efficiency promoter

Back off and recognize the weariness

We will in many cases take a stab at anything conceivable to escape weariness. In a review directed by Timothy Wilson,1 a social analyst at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, students were given the alternative to sit alone for 15 minutes with just their contemplations, or give themselves electric stuns. Sixty-seven percent of the men in the review selected to stun themselves, despite the fact that they had already noticed that they would pay cash to dodge the sensation! 

This same kind of brain research applies to our day by day lives as well. Have you at any point sat down before the TV and had a nibble, regardless of the possibility that you were not ravenous? Before you know it, you've eaten a full sack of chips. Individuals eat, drink, and take part in every diverse kind of exercises out of weariness. By backing off and perceiving your fatigue, you can pick more profitable conduct.

Don’t let filler activities overwhelm you 

Oftentimes when we are bored, we can fall into patterns of behavior associated with filler activity, otherwise known as “busy work”. We send text messages, browse social media sites, or pace back and forth. We are physically doing something, but it’s usually a distraction and the behavior does not provide true value to our lives. Ask yourself, “Is my behavior productive? What am I trying to accomplish through this task?” Productive behavior will always be in service to an end goal.

Figure out why you are bored

Now it’s time to get to the root cause of the feeling. What is causing the boredom? Perhaps you don’t know what you want to do or accomplish. Or maybe you do have an idea, but your current job or circumstance doesn’t allow you the time or ability, and your boredom stems from that frustration. It could also be the task at hand that could be causing your boredom. Tasks that are repetitive, too easy, or out of your control can sometimes feel dull! Whatever the reason, label it and move on.

Move toward valued action and novelty

Now that you know what is causing your boredom, you can do something about it and become productive again. What do you need to change about your current environment, circumstance or mindset that will allow you to engage in behavior that will feel valuable to you? If you find yourself bored at your current job, what type of career would make you feel excited and motivated to go to work every day? What actions could you take right now to make that switch?

Twist the boring part to add spice to it

If it’s a particular task that has you feeling bored (like data entry or another small office nuisance), what could you add to the process to make it feel more fun or enjoyable? Perhaps you could make the task into a game. In this example, you could challenge yourself to complete 100 entries within the next hour. Attach small rewards (like a 10 minute walk or a sweet treat) to the outcome of the game. 

Track your progress and then try to beat your own personal records. This turns uninspired, boring actions into bursts of productivity. Try to find ways to make the circumstance feel new and different to you. This will heighten your engagement, and relieve feelings of boredom.

Some Apps Actually Help

Remove the impulse to revert back to the boredom-triggered “busy work”. There are tons of apps and programs (such as Freedom) that can block Facebook, Reddit, or other distracting websites that you might find yourself visiting to escape the boredom. 

It’s a habit that you’ll have to break, so don’t be too hard on yourself if your impulse is to engage in the distraction at first. Productivity is a muscle that you will need to flex again and again in order to gain strength.

Turn to the more boring tasks

Try reverting back to an old tip from childhood: remember when you were a kid and you would run up to your mom or dad and complain about being bored? And what was the first thing they would always say? “I have some chores for you to do!” And, as if it were magic, you would run off and find something else to do – it was an automatic cure for boredom! You can use this trick as an adult too. What is the one thing that you’ve been putting off for awhile? Perhaps it’s doing laundry or cleaning the restroom. Start tackling some of those not-so-fun chores. Either A) You will complete them and feel a sense of relief and productivity now that you’ve finished them, or B) You will have a better idea of what you would prefer to do instead.

Look for your genuine motivation

Still don’t know what you want to do? That’s okay. Everyone deserves a break every once in awhile! But if you do desire to be more productive, you’ll have to tap into your hidden source of motivation in order to take action. 

Try to make a list of the benefits: Who would be proud of you if you took action? Who could you be if you left boredom behind and became productive? Paint that picture in your mind. How would you feel? Jot down these ideas in as much detail as possible, and see if they motivate you enough to take deliberate action.

By using your boredom as a springboard towards productive action, you’ll gain a sense of clarity around how you want to spend your time. We all only have a limited amount of time on earth. 

To feel bored is to recognize that we are not spending our time in a way that feels fulfilling and connected to our passions. Doing this work will align your actions with your goals and will give you a sense of control over your time and life. Boredom often comes from the nagging feeling that we are wasting our time here on earth. Moving towards more productive thought patterns and behavior will help relieve that pressure.

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