There is no hard and fast rule to getting the right person to be with in a relationship or having that special one you’ve always wanted to be yours, all it takes is just knowing what to do and how to go about doing it. Putting the following points to use will soon enlist you among the happily married.

Here are 15 things that will help you hook up with the right guy/lady:

  1. Have A Good Desire: the number one thing to do is to desire rightly. In this case you must know what you want because it will form the basis of how you go about your search. If you don’t know what you want, how will you know when you have seen it?
  2. Position Yourself Rightly: you must be in the right location to attract what you truly desire as your location determines your allocation. So, position yourself well for that special somebody
  3. Make Yourself Marketable: while expecting to be hooked, it is not through magic but your conscious effort is needed. Do everything possible to present yourself well for the kind of person you are looking for. Make sure you dress well and look good
  4. Work On Your Character: just like that saying, a bad character is like a depleted tyre, you cannot go anywhere with it until it is changed. You need to be of a good character and conduct because reality is, you tend to attract your type most of the time
  5. Ditch That Unwholesome Expectation: it is not a bad thing to have expectations of how you would want things to be, but don’t let this form the underlining factor of what you are looking for as expectations tend to prevent people from seeing the real thing and individuals for who and what they are
  6. Friendship: you need to be truly friendly, don’t just show yourself to be friendly because of what you are looking for but be a true, loyal and trustworthy friend
  7. Develop Yourself: while on this search, self-development can never be overemphasized. Learn something new, upgrade your standard by investing in yourself
  8. Forget The Past: you could have been probably disappointed in the past by a fellow you so much trusted, that doesn’t mean you should be carrying that baggage about. Leave the past where it is meant to be and move on
  9. Be Yourself: you don’t need to be who you are not to attract the right partner. Being yourself will actually place you at a vantage position to get the real person. Don’t live a fake life
  10. Love Yourself: self-love is the ultimate. Once you can celebrate yourself for who, what and where you are, getting someone to love you will not be difficult
  11. Attend Events: don’t be rigid, go for programmes that will benefit you; seminars, conferences etc where you know the kind of person you are looking for will be and make sure you network
  12. Place value On Yourself: no matter the situation, never downplay yourself because of anybody or anything. Hold your values high and let those values be dear to you as you don’t want to be seen or misinterpreted as cheap
  13. Don’t Be Desperation: desperation will make you vulnerable, so, don’t be desperate. Just be yourself and allow events to play out naturally
  14. Carriage: your carriage matters. Carry yourself like a lady/guy with class. Remember you shall be addressed as you present yourself
  15. Be Patient: patience is a great virtue and it will offer to you on a platter of gold what others are struggling to get. Be very patient and soon you will be enjoying what you desire
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