11 ways on how to care for your baby in the womb

Pregnancy can be an intriguing and calm excursion if moms know exactly how to watch over the valuable gift(s) they are conveying. Despite the fact that no two pregnancy encounters are the same, there are still things that are regular to pregnant ladies.

Pre-birth mind is critical as it is the bedrock on which the aggregate development of your child will stand.

Pre-birth mind is having a solid way of life while you are pregnant in light of the fact that whatever you do to yourself will directly affect the hatchling in your womb.

Here are eleven routes on the best way to tend to child in the womb

  1. Get Prenatal care

When you realize that you are pregnant, likely after you have done your home test and caught up with research center blood test; begin your antenatal care.

  1. Keep your appointment

Don’t miss any appointment with your doctor. Once an appointment is fixed by your Doctor, do yourself good by keeping up with it. This is important because, with every appointment, your blood pressure and weight will be checked. This will be used to track your pregnancy history. Several tests will be conducted as you visit. Please don’t miss any.

  1. Eat healthily and eat well

Pay attention to everything that enters your mouth during the pregnancy period. Eat a healthy and balanced diet. Eat more of fruits and vegetables, this will help the growth of your baby and make the baby fresh. Instead of taking soft drinks, go for natural fruit juices. You can also make smoothies with vegetables and fruits.

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  1. Drink enough water

Don’t wait until you are dehydrated before you hydrate yourself. Drink water as much as your body needs it. This will help you to have healthy blood pressure level


  1. Take Supplements

Take all the recommended supplements and never self-medicate. Whenever you feel anything strange in your body, contact your doctor. Don’t take any drug that is not recommended by your Doctor to prevent birth defects.

  1. Exercise regularly

You can ask your doctor for when to start exercise and which one you can do at each stage of the pregnancy. Walking is surely good for you.

  1. Maintain a good hygiene

Keep your surroundings clean and take good care of your utensils. Wash your hands regularly, wash fruits and vegetables with clean water.

  1. Get enough rest

If you are doing everything but fail to rest, it won’t be long before you breakdown. Find time to rest well both during the day and at night. Don’t stress yourself, everything will be well.

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  1. Always talk to your baby

Yes! It is possible to talk to your baby right inside your tummy. Touch your tummy, call the foetus by name and say whatever you want to discuss with him/her.


  1. Develop your baby’s brain

You can do this by taking food rich in omega-3 fatty acid and vitamin D, or you can go for supplements. Don’t gain too much weight. Sing to the child, this helps build their sensitivity and alertness.


  1. Involve God

Above all, care for your baby through prayer. Don’t close your mouth during pregnancy; always open it wide to decree into your baby’s life. Mould his/her destiny right from the womb. Believe me, they can actually become who you want them to be right from the womb.  Engage God in the journey and He will make the baby healthy and your delivery easy.

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