10 Lessons from a Frustrated Blogger

Blogging is hard. Yes, I needed to begin this article with that reality, and I will continue helping you to remember it. Why? All things considered, on the grounds that blogging can really change your life… on the off chance that you do it well.

Most bloggers begin their professions excitedly, brimming with thoughts and arrangements. Ok, no big surprise that a greater part of them surrender quick.

Fortunately for you, you are perusing this article! Continue perusing to discover how to conquer the 10 most normal blogging disappointments.

#1 Lesson: Keep Calm and Buy (Another) Domain Name

You conceptualize such a great amount to make a rundown of space names appropriate for your blog, and when you at last choose to get one… you understand that every one of them have as of now been taken. To exacerbate it even, you will locate that a number of these “taken” areas are not related with a site. Do individuals simply go out and purchase area names?! Is this some pattern you ought to take after? Would it be advisable for you to contend with your companions to see who can get more space names? Surely not.

Individuals purchase domain for some reasons, and this is something you truly don’t have to stress over. Simply pick another name for your blog. I am certain that there is another mix of words that isn’t being used. On the other hand, you can simply change the spelling. Yes, numerous renowned web journals are incorrectly spelled, and that is only one all the more way their creators demonstrate their innovativeness.

#2 Lesson: Start From (Design) Scratch

you use WordPress, you already know that it is very hard to choose a
theme that is both original and suits your taste. Not to mention that
once again, you will come across many websites using the same theme.
Even though blog design is very important, there is certainly no need to
get frustrated by it.
Start with a theme that you like, but customize it
as much as possible. Check out the Freebies sections on big blogs and
websites- they often give out free original icons, photos, logos, and
much more. Choose those that fit your style, change some colors and you
are ready to go!The second, even easier
method is to choose a website builder with a wide selection of templates
and features that will make your website design easy and fun (Ucraft
is a personal recommendation)! Again, try to customize every template,
and keep in mind: you won’t be 100% original, but try to do your best! 
Whenever you have an idea about how to change the look of your blog,
write it down. Since it is very common to change the entire blog design
from time to time, you will have more than enough opportunities to
implement your ideas.

#3 Lesson: Test!!!

is essential if you want to succeed. It doesn’t matter how amazing you
think your idea is, it might be completely tedious for your readers.
Luckily, there are so many ways to test how well things are working when
you have a blog.
The first thing you need to test is the abovementioned design. Use www.optimizely.com to
test the colors you’ve chosen, the call-to-action buttons, the images…
literally everything. That way, you will really take your design to
perfection and eliminate your frustrating feeling of wondering “is this
good enough?”

#4 Lesson: Create Content That You Would Like To Read

is king. So, create content for kings, or rather, for yourself. After
all, you are the king of your (blogging) empire. This might sound
simple, but many bloggers create content that is purely commercial and
end up with just a couple of views.

 Even though you post to attract others, when creating
your content, you should do it as if you were creating it for yourself.
Why? Because you are satisfied only with the best, so your content will
be supreme! Don’t be frustrated, because you will never get motivated
that way. 
Don’t worry about whether your writing will cover a topic that
hasn’t already been covered before. Don’t stress over whether your post
will be interesting to a wider audience. Just write. As I’ve already
mentioned: write something you would like to read.

#5 Lesson: Go That Extra Mile

you are creating podcasts, photos or written content, do it better than
your competitors! Sounds easy, right? Then, why do most bloggers get
frustrated by it?

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The key to being better than others doesn’t exist, so don’t stress about
it. One thing you can certainly do is try! Go that extra mile and
create an in-depth podcast or a longer blog post. Do the work most
people don’t want to do, and who knows, maybe you’ll end up being the
best. That is certainly the right way to do it.

#6 Lesson: Spread the Word About Your Blog

best to spread the word about your blog so you can really start
building your relevant audience is a very common worry among bloggers.
With so many social media platforms, influencers and blogger colleagues,
you don’t have to worry (so much).
Start off with guest posting. That way, you will reach
other people’s audiences and build contacts as well. Get in touch with
people in your niche, ask for advice, watch what they do, and join
forces. It might sound difficult, but with a couple of polite emails,
you will be drinking coffee with your (new) blogger friends in no time.

Ah yes: don’t forget to add that “Write for us” section on your blog.

#7 Lesson: Make Social Media Work for You

won’t believe how many bloggers don’t use social media (enough) because
they find it frustrating. It is really not a good idea to be one of
them. By using social media in a smart way, you will make it work for

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Start by creating profiles on all the well-established
social media platforms. If you have the budget, you won’t regret
boosting your posts. Join all groups relevant to your niche, be active
in them and share your content. When you get enough likes and shares,
you will see a boost of traffic to your blog!Don’t forget to install social sharing buttons to make it easy for your audience to share your posts.

#8 Lesson: Don’t Get Hacked

if you have just launched your blog, if you want to avoid getting
hacked (and frustrated), you must think twice about security.
When it comes to WordPress websites, don’t miss the following three steps:
  1. Set a strong password and username. If it is too complicated to remember, write it down.
  2. Get a security plugin. There are so many free ones that go well with WordPress, so it is up to you to choose one.
  3. Don’t forget to update your installations so that you always have the latest version!

#9 Lesson: Write a Headline That Attracts Readers

Catchy headlines sell newspapers. The same goes for blog posts. Easy to say, but hard to achieve.

A lot of great content gets overlooked due to the lack of a good headline, and you don’t want yours to end up like this.
Honestly, headlines that almost always “work” are quite generic:

  • “How-tos” and “tips”
  • “X ways to…”
  • “The definite/complete/simple guide to…”
  • “The top 10…”
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#10 Lesson: Be Yourself

In general, if you want to be successful, you need to work hard. Hard work is accompanied by stress and frustrations.

best advice I can give you is to be yourself. Choose a domain name to
your taste. Create content that you like. Buy a theme that matches your
style. Be yourself!

Hopefully these 10 lessons will encourage you to keep moving forward
with your blog and become the next big influencer. Believe in yourself,
stay persistent and always try to improve yourself and your blog. If you
have just started blogging, or you are planning to, this is already a
huge step towards success. Keep that in mind, and whatever happens –
don’t be frustrated.

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